Gas Lines

Though plumbing is often associated with water, plumbing involves gas as well as water circulation. Like water, gas is used extensively in the average household for cooking, heating, and bathing (if the household uses a gas water heater). But in order for residents to have safe and easy access to domestic gas, they must first avail of impeccable gas line installation services.

Running gas lines into and throughout your home must be done with absolute care due to the many risks involved. Which is exactly why availing of our services will work to your advantage. A licensed plumbing contractor should know how to install a gas line with ease.

Exercise caution in case the smell of gas invades your home. Though gas constantly runs into and throughout your house, the fact that you can smell it is a telltale sign of a hazardous gas leak. When this happens, quickly locate the main gas shutoff valve, and cut off your gas supply.

Henrik Plumbing provides

– installation, repair and leak testing of indoors and outdoors gas piping
– installation of gas piping for pools, spas, barbeques, log lighters, fireplaces
– installation of gas piping for kitchen remodels.