We at Henrik plumbing are serious about the safety and quality of our work. We take pride in knowing that our crews are aware that the quality of their work and the satisfaction of our customers are the most important measure of their success.

Our regular work hours are 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, and in that time we will secure the site for safety, clean up after each day and not compensate our materials for cheaper value therefore labor and material are guaranteed.

All work is performed by our own staff of regular employees. We do not use subcontractors or outside laborers. Upon request, we will provide our customers with copies of Workman’s Compensation and General Liability coverage.

Henrik Plumbing Exclusive No Risk
Piece of Mind Guarantees

1. Performance Guarantee
We guarantee your complete new repipe system is properly sized. We shall meet or exceed the local plumbing code requirements for pipe sizing. Proper sizing will deliver correct volume and pressure.

2. Material Guarantee
We use American Made Copper pipe and fittings. Our copper pipe has a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty, that covers the cost of replacing the product including installation.

3. Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
We provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on the copper pipe and fittings, that covers parts, labor, and installation. We use the latest work procedures to insure the quality of our work.

4. Property Protection Guarantee
We promise to leave your property better then we found it. If we damage or harm anything in your property during the course of our work, we will correct the damage and make it right.

5. On-time Installation Date Guarantee
We guarantee to start your project on the date promised, and to work continuously until it is complete. We will work continuously on your project, and will not leave the job site to work on another project. If we fail to provide your installation on time, we will write you a check for $100 for each day we are late. Exceptions for inspections and patching.

6. “Apples to Apples" Low Price Guarantee
We guarantee you will not find a lower price for the system, workmanship and scope of work we proposed. If you are able to find a lower price “Apples to Apples" with the same scope of work within 30 days of our installation, we will pay you double the difference.

7. Complete System Guarantee
Prior to installation we will design, size, and match the repipe system to required demands. We have quality control check lists, that address the vital issues of the installation. We inspect and double check all of our work. We make sure our installation is the best. We provide the best warranties in the business and maintain the competitive edge in both quality and price.

(Warranty does not apply to partial installs or on work that has been altered and/or repaired by anyone other then our company. Warranty is for residential use only. Conditions Apply. See Below)

Apples to Apples – Low Price Guarantee Conditions

#1. Must be an approved member of THE LEAGUE OF CALIFORNIA HOME OWNERS.

#2. Must be a member of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU with an “AA" rating.

#3. Must have current reference letters.

#4. Must provide both CALIFORNIA CONTRACTORS STATE LICENSE BOARD required checklists.

#5. Must cut-out, remove, and haul away old pipes, to protect the structural integrity of your home.

#6. Maintains a real shop, with a real and stable address (not a P.O. box or Suite #) that matches the address on the contract and with the State Contractors License Boards.

#7. Does not subcontract. The company pulling the permit must be the company that sells the contract.

#8. The warranty must be 100% transferable at no extra charge.

#9. The contractor must have a solid proven record of business, with a Contractor License of 74XXXX and lower.

#10. Has crews that drive Company owned and insured trucks, with uniformed crews.

Special note. It is our mission and promise to deliver the Best Service at the Best Price or at any price. We want you as our customer and we want your business, that is the reason we offer this Guarantee. W are working hard to earn your business and to be the right choice.