Kitchen and bathroom fixture replacement

kitchen1Just like your indoor plumbing that go unnoticed until there is a problem, your kitchen and bathroom fixtures work the same. Often they are overlooked, and unappreciated because we are so accustomed to turning the faucet knob right and expecting water to run and turn the knob left and expect water to stop running. But what happens when your faucet is turned off but water still seeps out? What happens when the toilet runs extra water or the shower faucet doesn’t run any water? These are common problems that our trained and professional technicians at Henrik Plumbing work on daily. There is no job too big or too small for our technicians. No matter if it’s your bathroom or kitchen fixtures, we can fix the problem for you.

Toilet fixtures are easiest to fix, but if your toilet has a crack in it, then it must be replaced. Usually anything in the tank can be replaced such as flush valve (when activated by the trip lever it allows water to flush out the toilet), ball cock (the valve that allows water to fill back up and shuts off water), or trip lever which is pushed down to flush. There are many other types of fixtures around your home that will give you a problem one way or anther, either way our service technician can help.